City Breaks in Europe

A city break – over the weekend or extending for more days – rejuvenates the spirit and recharges us physically as well. Europe is fortunate to have so many great cities that serve as a quick getaway for holiday seekers. These chosen city breaks may be a car drive away from where you stay, a short train journey away, or maybe a flight will get you there. The point is, in Europe, you are always connected to the great centers of learning, arts, entertainment, and nature.

If you’re a student of Roman history, then Rome makes an excellent destination for a short city break for you. Love classical music? Head to Vienna. Are you fond of beer? Then October in Munich is the place to be, you get to enjoy the Oktoberfest, the world’s most celebrated beer festival. Want to catch some sunshine and taste diverse cuisine? Head to Barcelona.

The beauty of city breaks is that you can in a short span learn about the history of the city, appreciate it’s rise to prominence, enjoy local foods, sample local drinks, buy stuff, visit museums, attend events, and do more. These cities are among the world’s most popular tourist destinations and they beckon you with open arms.
City breaks need not be expensive. With a little planning, you can enjoy cheap city breaks and yet enjoy to your heart’s content. It’s possible to save on hotels, flights, and eating out on city break holidays.


Top City Breaks in Europe – 2018