Gibraltar – The Perfect British Holiday Destination

All Inclusive Holidays to Gibraltar

Let us first start with a little bit of history and geography too about the place better known as “the Rock”. Gibraltar is actually located on the tip of Spain, off the south coast, but this peninsula is actually a British Overseas Territory which shares its boundary with Spain in the northernmost tip. The Spain ruled over Gibraltar till 1704, when an Anglo-Dutch force captured the place from the Spaniards. In 1713, the territory was ceded to the British as part of a treaty. Since then Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory where most of the governing is handled by the constitution of Gibraltar itself while Britain retains the responsibility of taking care of foreign relations and defense.

Thus, visiting the place will give you a heady mix of the best the Spanish culture and cuisine along with the British charm and fish-and-chips tradition has to offer.

Places to visit when visiting the “Rock”
For a place that is four square kilometers in dimensions, the country packs in a number of attractions and places worth a visit.

The Rock of Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a popular tourist destination especially well known for the iconic Rock, which is a limestone monolithic structure that is 1,398 feet high and located on the Iberian Peninsula which is at the southwest tip of Europe.
The expansive structure is difficult to miss and attracts tourists every year, who wish to explore the numerous labyrinths like tunnels that form part of the topography. The Barbary macaques (close to 300 of them) that have made the Rock their home are also a part of tourist attractions.

St. Michael’s Cave

Gibraltar has more than 150 caves, but St. Michael’s is the largest, being about 270 meters above the sea level. The cave boasts of a number of stalactites and stalagmites which provide a spectacular view. Also, the cave has a number of chambers and smaller tunnels leading to a larger area termed the Upper Hall where concerts and performances are also held.
Excavations during the Second World War revealed a Lower Hall which is equally breathtaking and even houses a small water body within.

Europa Point
This point is the southernmost tip of the peninsula of Gibraltar and promises a picturesque view of the bays of Africa and the coasts. Along with the view, the Europa Point has a chapel named Shrine Of Our Lady Of Europe and also the Mosque of The Custodians Of The Holy Mosques. There is also an underwater reservoir termed as Nun’s Well, a restored fortified building called Harding Battery along with a recent addition of a cricket ground.

O’Hara Battery and the Highest Point
This is the highest point of the territory right up on the Rock. O’Hara battery refers to an artillery fortification dating back to 1890s. Another unique feature is that this point has Mediterranean steps that lead right from top to the bottom of Gibraltar Island.

Other sites worth visiting on the island include –
Gibraltar museum which houses geological collection dating back to the Jurassic period along with Moorish baths, models depicting the great rock and several artifacts of the Roman era.
Gibraltar Nature Reserve which offers spectacular views from the cable car along with several species of flora and fauna and variety of birds.
Great Siege tunnels and the WWII tunnels are also worth exploring where history is combined with great views.

How to get to Gibraltar?

Cheap Flights to Gibraltar

Gibraltar can be reached by air, sea and road or even by rail. There are regular flights to Gibraltar from London (via Heathrow and Gatwick) and other UK destinations too and even direct flights from Morocco. Gibraltar is two hours away from Spain’s Seville Airport.
Inter-rail services for leisurely travel can be availed from Spain, France, and Waterloo too.
Being on the Mediterranean coast, Gibraltar is easily accessible by sea, with cruises and yachts from London and elsewhere docking there.
Gibraltar can also be reached by road from Spain via the Cadiz Malaga highway.

Getting around in Gibraltar
The sites and scenes within Gibraltar can be enjoyed either by foot or by hiring a taxi or taking a bus or better still using the cable car to go to and fro from the Rock.

So, enjoy the perfect mix of history and nature in the peninsula of Gibraltar.