Luxembourg Holidays 2018

Luxembourg is a wonderful mixture of modern and ancient, global and local, luxury and simplicity. This amazing place provides an intriguing blend of culture, history, natural and art landscapes. With many of the western European offices and department hosted in Luxembourg City, there is a true multicultural perspective to this European destination.



One of Luxembourg’s finest works is the Grand Ducal Palace was built between 1572 and 1574. This palace placed in the heart of Luxembourg and is a big hit with tourists and representative residence of the Grand Duke. It is a great example of Spanish architecture. Throughout the year, you can also watch the well-known Luxembourg army perform ceremonial duties on the ground. From 15th July to 2nd September, parts of the interior are open to the public. A fine place to visit is the village of Bourscheid which stands on top of  a plateau and is bordered by rivers Wark and Sure. Here, you will find remarkable views and many lovely walks to other quaint villages, including Kehmen, Welscheid in Wark Valley, Michelau in the Sure Village. For bathers, there are 2 rivers beaches at Dirbach and Bourscheid-Plage.

Larochette is another noted place worth looking into when visiting Luxembourg, it is an old-fashioned market town that lies in a narrow, rocky valley bordered by woods. The town is under control by 2 old and half rebuilt castles that position on crag top above the valley of the White Ernz. This place boasts a wonderful medieval square a museum of industry and a number of historical monuments.


The village is a hiker heaven, with walks for all capabilities heading through the countryside and woods and leaving to famous views such as Nommerlayen and castles of Meysembourg with the remains of a Roman camp at Aalburg. For those on a family holiday to Luxembourg you may want to try Parc Merveilleux in the town of Bettembourg, only 6 miles from the capital city and 3 miles from the French border, Parc Merveilleux attracts 1000's of tourists each year. This amusement centre offers playground, game enclosure, restaurants,mini-golf, and concerts areas and fun for all ages.