Luxury Holiday in a Greek Paradise: Mykonos Holidays

With beautiful and mesmerizing sandy beaches, whitewashed villages and vivacious party scenery, Mykonos has so much to offer to its every tourist. Want to enjoy the beauty and vibrancy of Greek Islands? Then, Mykonos should indeed be on the list of travel destinations. Known as the most popular Greek Island in the Aegean Sea this island blesses you with tons of golden sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Mykonos holidays

Designer island of Greece

With some of the best boutique hotels, beautiful shops to spend time in, luxurious villas and so much more to discover, Mykonos definitely comes as a breather when speaking of St-Tropez. No wonder a whole list of celebrities have been here to spend time and relax their senses. From P-Diddy to Jackie Onassis, they have all been to Mykonos as it is Greece’s heaven.

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A wide array of beaches to enjoy

When it comes to Mykonos, you will not fall short of resources and places to visit. For starters, this beautiful island is belted with the most scenic and attractive beaches. With tons of water sports to enjoy and some ravishing cocktail bars to step in to at Super Paradise and Paradise, you will love spending every minute here. For those people who love to spend time in a more silent beach should step into Ornos and Elia.

It won’t disappoint anyone, not even for a second. On the beaches, you would notice several sunloungers along with a flotilla of tavernas at every beach. For those who want to experience a happier vibe should visit Plati Yialos. This beach offers tourists a lively and a sparkling stretch of sand. There are some delectable dishes accessible at the restaurants here. You won’t fall short of bars that are friendly and full of life.

After dark fun moments

For those who are wondering if there is nothing much to explore post sunset, wait a bit! Mykonos is more than pleased to offer its share of effervescent nightlife. The most popular spots after it gets dark are Super Paradise and Paradise. If you want to feel relaxed and indulge into some scrumptious meal, there is so much to discover. You get the most delicious Greek fusion food to some of the best bespoke vegetarian dishes. There are so many restaurants where you could book beforehand and enjoy some real treats here. You would love to indulge in some of the most cutting-edge dishes, such as ck cod miso and tartar with caviar – must-try dishes.

Places to visit in Mykonos

Kalo Livadi

Kalo Livadi is more about the farming community and is a small town. You will spot several cube-like homesteads. It is located at the south-east end of the islands capita, Mykonos Town. From small to huge luxury hotels, at Mykonos Town you will come across a whole array of hotels. You can even find some relaxing bungalow-type apartments from where you can enjoy some of the best quaint views of this place.

Not to forget, you can feel at ease from within admiring the bay in its line of sight. If you love hillside views with rare 16th-century windmills flowing with the wind, you must visit this place for a day or two.


At the north-west side of the map of Mykonos, you will notice Tourlos. It’s one of the most beautiful and prettiest of towns here. They have some of the sweetest of sugar-white buildings. Indeed the blonde and shiny beaches are the key attractions.


Every place has an enthralling and serene side to it. At Mykonos, it’s Ftelia that is ready to offer tourists its peaceful spirit. At the northern end of this island you welcome across an extensive stretch of golden-sand beach. It looks long, beautiful and flows out for miles. It is a great place for windsurfer due to the powerful waves hitting back and forth. After an amusing yet tiring day at the beach, you would have tons of delectable options to refuel yourself with.


This place is just some distance away from the beautiful capital island, Mykonos Town. It has been well developed into an enormous self-contained family resort. This place has some of the best shops, great hotels with scenic views and luscious food choices offered by restaurants.