Enjoy a Grecian Getaway in the Scenic Skiathos

Skiathos Holidays in Greece 2018

Greece is a panoramic location which is a feast for the eyes and a kind of a Pandora’s Box for travellers at heart. Each place in this country is beautiful, scenic location waiting to be explored.

One such spectacular location that is highly recommended, especially for those who are young at heart and wanting to visit a ‘happening’ location, is Skiathos. It is buzzing with activity and offers its visitors to enjoy the natural beauty it is blessed with.

Skiathos is an island that is situated in the Aegean Sea in the northwest direction. Of the Northern Sporades group of islands, Skiathos is located to the westernmost corner. The islands and mainland towns that surround Skiathos include Pelion peninsula (which is situated in the mainland region of Magnesia) to its west and the islands of Skopelos, situated in east of the Skiathos island.

Skiathos terrain boasts of several beaches (around 60 of them on a 44 km stretch of the coastline) as well as hilly, green regions too. In fact, Skiathos has a wide forest cover and also abundant sources of water. The green landscape has several plantations including almond trees, olive, fig, plum as well as grape vine plantations. Most of the settlements in the island are on the southeast and southwest slopes which are not that steep, whereas the northern region is more rugged and has steeper peaks.

Cheap Flights for Skiathos from London and Manchester

Getting to Skiathos and moving around in the town
During the tourist season, from approximately late June to September, the island can be reached via direct flight from London city by three weekly flights provided by the British Airways. Other airports of the UK also provide flights to Skiathos Airport in the peak tourist season. Other flight alternatives include taking a scheduled routine flight to Thessaloni and then proceeding to Skiathos via catamaran. There are several flights from Athens to Skiathos, however their timings and schedules need to be checked beforehand. There is also the option of taking charter flights directly to Skiathos Airport which is a mere 2 km from the main town.

The island can also be reached via catamarans and ferries from Volos, Thessaloniki or Agios Konstandinos. For the swish set of travellers owning their own yacht there is a marina to park it too on the island.

Other travel options to reach Skiathos include renting a taxi from Athens, either from the airport or from your hotel, with quite a few online renting options available.

Within the town you can choose to move around by hiring a moped, a jeep, buses or taxi-boats. Walking is another great way to get familiar with the town.

Holidays to Skiathos: Must see places in Skiathos

The entire island is a natural beauty waiting to be explored, but a few locations worth mentioning which definitely include the beaches.

Skiathos Beaches

Lalaria Beach is one of the most famous and scenic beaches which have become the poster shot for Skiathos, and even for Greece. Clear turquoise water and white pebbles are signature attractions of the beach that make it hard to resist scenic location. The beach can be reached via an excursion boat or travellers can even opt for boat tours provided on sailboats that goes around the island and stops at Lalaria.

Another equally famous beach is the Koukounaries beach which is rated among the top best beaches in the world. This and several other beaches can be reached via a moped and are ideal locations to soak up some sun and indulge in watersports and diving which can otherwise not be enjoyed in the UK.

Places to See in Skiathos: Churches and monasteries

Walking around Skiathos will let travelers explore the hilly terrain along with various monasteries and churches in the town. The old stone structures including the ruins of Kastro are worth a visit.

Skiathos Cafes and restaurants

Other than the beaches, Skiathos is equally popular for its cafes, restaurants and nightlife. There are numerous cafes and taverns which cater to the locals as well as the foreigners visiting the place. Seafood and meat delicacies are recommended dishes to try including grilled sardines, lamb chops, pork dishes, rabbit stews and traditionally cooked meals in the neo Greek style.

Where is Skiathos?

It is between Greece and Turkey – The Agean sea


Skiathos Hotels

Skiathos has a plethora of staying options for travelers of various types, right from luxe designer boutique hotels to luxury suite hotels to private villas and even 2 star hotels for modest budgets.

So, go ahead and plan your trip to Skiathos for next July – August right now.