Spain Holidays, Alicante

If you need a little getaway with culture, good food and convenient beaches, Alicante is the place for you. It's not too big or neither too small, it is perfect for a weekend and you will have enough time to explore the beauty of the Costa Blanca with its great transport links. When entering Alicante the first thing you see is the port, the grand marina, this is a paradise for those wanting a romantic getaway where you can take a stroll and take in the breathtaking surroundings. 



You definitely will get lost in the streets of the old town, Barrio; like most Spanish old towns it gives you the true feel for the city as you wander through this maze of a place, with a vibrant night scene it is like visiting two different places and you will be sure to remember your visit to Alicante.

There are many places to visit in Alicante and something for everyone from the beach lover who may find themselves relaxing on the stunning Playa de Postiguet beach to the history buff having a wander around the Santa Bárbara Castle with spectacular panoramic views over Alicante, the mountains and the sea. Food is one of the most important things to try in Alicante. We recommend walking down the Calle San Fernando, where you will discover all the tapas bars where you can sit back and watch the world go by as well as the delicious food and get a feel for an authentic Spanish experience.