Seville Holidays

When it involves holidays in Spain, Barcelona and Madrid are amongst the most standard destinations. But if you’re looking for an alternative city destination, providing plenty of culture, traditional meals and attractions, it’s time to pack your baggage and head to Seville.
Travelling around Seville it's steeped in history and known for the famous marmalade oranges, home of Flamenco, Triana tiles and a huge attraction is visiting the sites from the hit TV series Game of Thrones. This history soaked city is appealing to every type of tourist, from the culture seeker, the history buff, the city seeker, solo travellers travelling around Seville has never been so exciting.



Moorish influences can also be seen all over the place however the one section you should consider when travelling around Seville is Alcazar. For many this will be recognised from the TV show Game of Thrones and the stunning royal palace. Although known for being on a television show Alcazar is rich in history and highly recommended when in this great city. It’s been occupied by way of a considerable number of kings over the centuries and thanks to its lengthy historical past, the royal palace additionally showcases Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architectural influences. You’ll need to employ lots of time looking up since the ceiling are in all probability essentially the most eye-catching a part of any room.

The neighbourhood of  Triana, which is separated from the relaxation of the city by way of Canal de Alfonso XIII, is wide-spread for its nightlife.

In specific, it’s famed for the flamenco scene and there are several bars that you could visit when travelling around Seville and observe or even have a try at some of the performances.

Casa Anselma is one of the most regular however why not hop from bar to bar to try a couple of the tapas on display when wandering around this great place.


Overall travelling around Seville really does cater for everyone, with stunning buildings of interest, excursions to the nearby wineries, a nightlife scene that is so diverse and an abundance of hotels you will breeze through Seville and will no doubt return for another taste of this Spanish wonder.

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