Valencia Holidays

Valencia, the third biggest city in Spain, offers a decent mix of city, sun and coastline, with wonderful Valencia ocean side homes to browse, and a range of cool stuff to do!

When travelling around Valencia has a blend of original and new developments, giving it a genuine unique feel of a city now flourishing. From medieval châteaux and towers to pioneer and deco engineering, with speciality little shops to gigantic outlet stores, Valencia has it all. furthermore,there are various fantastic restaurants to eat and drink as well!


Travelling around Valencia

This city is brimming with things to do when travelling around Valencia! did you know for example that Valencia has the best internal city park inside the entire of Europe? The well known Turia, which was before a waterway, is just a sample of five great open parks in Valencia. You may of known about the Holy Grail, the mysterious container that Jesus held and used from that definitive dinner, is rumoured to be kept in a church building here so when travelling around Valencia keep an eye for that?  

The local plazas are a must see when travelling around Valencia are often tree-lined, with gloriously cool shaded spots to escape the severe summer sun. They are consistently ringed with a considerable number of lanes, access facets and vague roads, main out onto different courtyards, and in some instances, even more fine plazas. One of the popular fascinating plazas to visit when travelling around Valencia is the Plaza de la Reina, or ‘Queen's rectangular’ , set within the historical city.

Travelling around Valencia

There is a mass of museums which draws in many tourists to Valencia and the new modern ones do look like giant spaceships and we cover these in depth in our blogs as one page would not be enough to cover to them all! There is plenty of accommodation in the city from hotels to private lets and is always some thing to suit your needs. If you plan for a weekend when travelling around Valencia we recommend using a local tour guide and you will be able to cover more than wandering around with a map!

Many would state that a get-away in the sun is inadequate without a visit to the seashore. Joyfully, the city of Valencia has many shores close by its shoreline, various of that are untainted and undeveloped areas to sit down and unwind, and perhaps a plunge inside the really blue ocean here.

The city has a wonderful area adjacent to the sea, and the shorelines are broad and protracted, with clean smooth sand.

The most well-known coastline, La Malvarrosa, is well worth checking in the event that you get time from touring.

Travelling around Valencia