Vatican City Holidays 2018

Vatican City is one of the greatest places in the world. This ancient city is filled with amazing sites that you could spend forever examining. Even after the destruction of the Roman Empire, the city stayed important. It also became a hotbed of intrigue. You will never get tired of things to see when you visit this place. Next time you are vacationing, take a holiday to Vatican City and see all of the unusual sites that are there.


Vatican City

What is there to see?

Different holidays to this country offer various types of tours through many of the most famous locations in the city. And there are many of these. Here are some of the most popular examples of what is often included in these types of tours:

- Sculptures and fountains

Royals like Bernini and Michelangelo have created great, beautiful models that are found inside and outdoors all over the city. Numerous of these are located directly in the focus of massive fountains that give them even more spectacular look.

- Sistine Chapel

These famous religious locations contain some of the world's most famous architecture and artistry. Rental wheelchairs are available and handicapped guided tours can be booked in advance. There is step-free access throughout, along with smooth floors and ramps.

- Catacombs

These networks of great tombs are one of the most popular darker sides of this great city. The mystery that surrounds them can only be seen firsthand.

Vatican City

-Vatican Museums

The Vatican Museums are extremely enjoyable, with a slope at the entry point and elevators permitting you to reach each floor. Wheelchair users can also return along the tour route and go through threaded off areas to avoid steps.

- Pantheon

Vatican is home to the remains of one of the world's most powerful cultures. Ruins like these are found all over the city.