Bulgaria Holidays 2018

Many people will acknowledge it, Bulgaria is probably not at the peak of their list of countries that quickly appeal them as a holiday place. With the attendance of great, affordable all inclusive holidays to hot spots such as Greece, Majorca, and Tenerife, why pick to go to a place that they know nothing about? The reality is, anyway, that Bulgaria is a country that is now becoming one of these holiday hot spots with flocks of British tourists holidaying here every summer, not only as a great package deal from the travel agent but Bulgaria is rich with history, culture, amazing activities to enjoy and a remarkable climate.



With this in mind, here are the some of the best reasons why this Eastern European place should definitely be a powerful contender for your next break, whether you are travelling with friends, family or even as a solo traveller. The primary reason that Bulgaria is value visiting is that it boasts a charming Black Sea coastline that has all the facilities and amenities of a Mediterranean resort, but without the big expense or hoards of tourists that the latter attracts.

Bulgaria is a favourite holiday choice for many Eastern Europeans, but its seaside towns and wonderful beaches have not quite caught on yet with the huge majority of Western holidaymakers although this has seen a steady increase over the last few years and could become the new Costa Blanca. What this means is that there is a still chance to take benefit of some really unspoiled beaches and avoid the crowds that can be a nuisance when visiting Greece, Spain or the Canary islands when you want that said holiday but a little bit quieter.


This leads to another great reason why you should consider travelling here. The cost of living is low  here too, which means that you can afford to fill up on delicious local dishes and the local brews of Astika and Kamenitza for very little cost. Hotel accommodation, entry to attractions and prices in domestic supermarkets are also low when matched with those in Western Europe, which means your holiday budget will stretch a lot more here, maybe with all the savings in Bulgaria you could squeeze an extra week here.

Bulgaria is also rich in culture and history, and is a favourite with holidaymakers for its wonderful monasteries, including the huge Rila Monastery, the equally large Bachkovo Monastery and the seven hundred year old Aladzha Monastery. These amazing feats of architecture are perfect examples of the country’s religious history, and are mostly in each reach of famous Bulgarian resorts.